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Phi Phi Diving Phi Phi Diving
Phi Phi Diving
Phi Phi Diving
Diving Photos - Phi Phi and Phuket (4)

Underwater photos in this section include pictures of the dive sites around the Phi Phi Islands and Phuket, and also the Similan Islands, all of which are part of the Andaman Sea. Photos copyright Bernd Mueller.

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Diver Inspecting Fan Corals, Phi Phi, Thailand

Anemone on a Shell, Anemone Reef, Phuket, Thailand

Giant Fan Corals & diver

Anemones and Clown Fish
Skunk Anemonefish, Anemone Reef, Thailand

Giant Fan Corals & Divers,Thailand

Porcupinefish, Phi Phi, Thailand

Anemones in the current
Anemones, Anemone Reef, Thailand

Moray & Cleaner Shrimp,
Phi Phi, Thailand

Soft Coral Garden,
Phi Phi, Thailand

Lion Fish,
Phi Phi, Thailand

Northern Indian Anemonefish,
Phi Phi, Thailand

Star Feathers, Phuket Shark Point

Soft Corals & Divers,
Phuket Shark Point

Phi Phi, Thailand

Green Turtle,
Phi Phi, Thailand

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Ascend slowly and carefully to the surface


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